28 January 2011

Sleepless nights

why there are times when the past becomes our nightmare
No matter how we try to move on
And how much effort we exert to forget the past,,
We continue to be reminded
Those memories
...The nightmares
That kept on bothering us
On lonely and sleepness nights.


sa dmi ng problema ko sa buhay
at sa dmi ng luhang nwLa s'kin
mnSn naisip Q
na sNa Mmtay n Lng aQ ng sa ganun
d na aQ mSSktan at maiiyak
naiCp dn kTa
Lulungkot ka dn bA at maiiyak kpG wLa n aQ?
ngunit ng hWkan mo kMay Q
naisip ko ulit
pag wLa na ako, Cno na ang Hhwakan mo?at nghinayang ako dahil alam Q
kahit gani2
dRting p ang mrMing pgk2taong
uupo ka sa tBi Q at mgkhWak kmay tau
khit umiiyak aQ

So I'm thinking Night Shift

That' what my good friend Boss Venz suggested yesterday.

Apply for a night shift in the office since I have much time working at night than during working days.
At times, I'm always disturbed by the come and go customers who kept on distracting me (so I thought) by asking questions about whom should they hand their clearances, and loan applications and job docs. Mostly on hours when I'm in a middle of something that needs deep thinking.

At nights, I hardly can sleep because I have to keep on thinking about all the works I have to complete the next day. Lol.

17 January 2011

Kaon na Sab!

OK. I admit I always pretend I DON'T know how to cook . Hmm, I know some dishes but I'm always struck by laziness so . (Especially when James is around)

It's James who loves cooking especially his favorite menus like sinigang of any kinds, and any vegggie dish with lots of leafies (like saluyot, malunggay, kangkong).

But he's sometimes don't like cooking breakfast, too. So at times when he's at home (he works at Surigao and comes home on weekends) , we just afford ourselves with a cup of coffee.

Just like last Sunday.

Nagmantinir ra mi ug biscuit ug gatas (sosyal!). Pass sah sa kape kay naa man gatas.. (muahahahaha)


Sarap pa rin sa biscuit nga ituslo.. tehehehe

During lunch, we went out and ate in a MgDo Resto (street slang for Mcdo) which means Magkaon Magduko-duko. Hahahaha.. (laughing at my own jokes hmft)  My worms weren't glad at all kc siyempre tipid

Anyways, during siesta ; James engrossed himself in a bowlful of unripe mangoes dipped in a mix of vinegar, bagoong and crushed chilli peppers. So HOT!


I didn't share Jame's preferred sauce-- thought it's gonna burn my whole mouth! GwarQ!
So I made mine.

Hmm.. Three spoonfuls of soy sauce and three spoonfuls of brown sugar -


My Sweetened Soy Sauce!

I laughed out loud!

I did make James postponed his travel back to Surigao on Sunday.

In return, I paid his dinner!

We ate at DOOKIES . A new flame and grill hauz located near PETRON Refilling Station (of Bariarcal's).

We've waited for almost an hour before dinner was served. Perte nang gutoma pero agwanta gihapon mi.

TSADAH! Lechon manok...

 Firm but soft and tasted good.



The first ever chopsuey I love. The veggies were cooked firmly mixed in a flavorful soup and sprinkled by bits of chicken meat. James was looking for mushrooms- sadly he couldn't find a bit because- in the first place there was no mushroom added. (Teheheheh)

 But over all, the veggie dish still tasted wonderful!

Third dish was- of course - my favorite-

Beef Hinalang..

Chopped beef and pechay leaves flavored by ginger and bell pepper.
Ayan, hurot nah!

I've eaten with too much gusto that my stomach looked like its bigger than my boobs.. James laughed hard at 'them'!


15 January 2011

Balik Tan-Aw

I'm bored.

James is busy watching "Imbestigador" in GMA Channel and I don't understand a thing. Topics were all about killings and drug addictions and related crimes which 'bores me to death'. I prefer cartoons, dude!

I browsed some old pictures saved in my lappy.


THAT's me in white sitting on the bench, Arnold in orange shirt, Elvs the smaller one and Teh Denden

We, laughing hard on Arnold's jokes..

That's Joy beside me

Busy.. that's Jun over there with his nestlike hair.. hahaha

Jen and ateh Wilms cutting gift covers.. See ateh wilms hair.. What colour?? tehehehe

jeez i still have short hair here..
 Actually these were taken some years ago when these people (and me) were assigned to prepare give aways for a particular coop activity..

13 January 2011

Talk with James

He called at 12:00 Midnight!

Oh I'm missing him so badly I cry


I'll get some sleep now.

Yawning... Haaaaahaaaayyy..



Laybay Aral

Subject :               Reflections during the Study Tour to Cooperatives
Date      :              December 3-4, 2010
Location:              Panabo Multi-Purpose Cooperative
                             Agdao Multi-Purpose Cooperative
                             United Sugarcane Planters of Davao MPC/ Savings & Credit


       The “I love my Coop Program” is an intervention program that came out as a result, after the operational diagnosis regarding the present situation of MAGROW COOPERATIVE was conducted. (Rolando I. Mesias, I Love my Coop Program). This program aspired to regenerate the stability and to align the advancement of the cooperative’s businesses and the people working in it.
       The Program consists of several Phases namely; Phase I- The Preparatory Phase,  Phase II- Program of Engagement, Phase III-  The Aggressive Collection Alternatives, Phase IV-The Educational Tour, Phase V- Monitoring and Evaluation System. (Rolando I. Mesias, I Love my Coop Program)
       As part of the Phase IV of the program, the team which consists of the Board of Directors, Loans Operation and Head Office Staff, have joined the Educational Tour to three (3) of the big and leading cooperatives in Region XI (or Mindanao). This activity aimed to learn and gather information from other cooperatives specifically in the management of credit collection, management structure, information technology and other trends as practice by other cooperatives. MAGROW MPC may opt to adapt strategies that may strengthen the financial condition and management performance of the cooperative.
The Tour

Panabo Multi-Purpose Cooperative
December 3, 2010; 11:00a.m.
       The team first visited Panabo MPC which is a FOCCUS cooperative with an asset of more than 400Million Pesos. PMPC is a 45-year old open type cooperative with 25,000 members. Its Head Office or Central Office is a separate department and is a support group to the Main Office and other Coop Branches. Most loan borrowers of PMPC are barangay officials. One strategy established by the cooperative is partnering with bank institutions like One Network Bank, DBP, LBP and other banking agencies. They are also strengthening the cooperative’s corporate social responsibility through giving and initiating projects to barangays.  One criterion to be recipients of such projects is the paying performance of the barangay officials to the coop. Like most FOCCUS branded coops, PMPC adapts the Tutok, Dikit, Kulit approach in loan collection.

Agdao Multi-Purpose Cooperative
December 3, 2010; 3:00 p.m.
       The team’s next stop was the Agdao Multi-Purpose Cooperative with its Main office located at San Pedro, Davao City. Like PMPC, AMPC is also branded as a FOCCUS Cooperative and has an asset of more than 400Million Pesos. Agdao MPC has also established a Head Office as a support group. AMPC as an open-type coop has extended its membership to the different levels in the society but majority of their members are vendors who are recipient of the Microfinance- loans. Agdao MPC has several branches within the Davao Region.
United Sugarcane Planters of Davao Multi-Purpose Cooperative
United Sugarcane Planters of Davao Savings and Credit Cooperative
December 4, 2010 10:00 a.m.
       The USPD is split up into two cooperatives: the USPD Multi-Purpose Cooperative which is a closed-type cooperative exclusive to Sugar Cane Planters within Davao Del Sur; and the USPD Savings and Credit Cooperative which is an open type coop. The two coops have different set of Board of Directors; but however, are managed by one General Manager only (which is quite indistinct since a person cannot be employed full time to two separate employers). USPD Savings and Credit Coop have also several branches within Davao Del Sur. This coop was split up from the Main coop, the USPD MPC, last year 2003. After the separation of USPD Savings and Credit from USPD MPC, the loan delinquency of the USPD Savings and Credit lowered from 35% down to 3% (and there were years that the delinquency rate was below 1%, WOW!). The coop focuses in a Capacity based lending and follows the standard of PEARLS. The two coops also shared the same building.

The Learning
PMPC and USPD have well-arranged offices (except for AMPC since their building is still under construction). People seemed very professional and welcoming in dealing with visitors like us (*wink). (One thing Sally has observed was that they don’t treat us heavy meals, they only offered “light snacks” which is quite different to Magrow since we, most of the time, always provide meals and sometimes even lodging accommodation [whew!] – We’re quite more generous eh? Or spendthrift rather? J).
       Key Staffs (who entertained us) seemed well trained and knew their forte in the business. I wonder how often they were send to trainings (hmmm which made me think to immediately complete the Training Needs Assessment for the staff). 
       As we are told, the visited coops extend loans to members through capacity based lending and conducted thorough credit and background investigation. In the case of AMPC, they have assigned collectors who will collect from at least 300 loan borrowers whose mode of payment are in daily basis. These coops have already established ‘solid’ approaches in lending through meticulous procedures and firm decision making (which I presumed) since they have low delinquency rate, in which if compared to MAGROW, we still have more painstaking effort to do in order to lessen bad debts. (Though, at present; through the collection effort of the GM and Loans Department and the loan amnesty program, MAGROW’s loan delinquency has decreased). In one conversation with the Branch Manager at AMPC, he told us that they have one loan case in which they have appealed to the Small Claim Court but he discouraged us to put forward uncollected debt cases to SSC since, as experienced, the judge also had claimed his ‘share’ of the collected amount aside from the legal and court fees which eventually made the coop spend more and collect less. He however egg on collections through collecting agencies.
       USPD Savings and Credit Coop, on the other hand, have strong encouragement in the Savings Deposit Retention of members, through specialized Savings products like Christmas Savings. This product encourages members to deposit certain amount of money to be withdrawn every December only. But in order to dissuade the members to withdraw their savings, they offered items with equivalent points to their savings deposits to be given to members instead of releasing their deposited amount. Example, a member with a savings deposit of P58, 000.00 will be given a television set which is equivalent to 5,800 points thus 1 point is given for every P10.00 deposit.
       Like this oh:

       The TV set may have cost only less than P15, 000.00 which is more or less 25% of the total deposits of the member. In this way, the coop may use the remaining 75% of the deposits for another year.
       MAGROW may adapt this strategy to encourage our members to generate savings deposits. The Trade Center may also apply this to promote cash purchases; re: in every P100.00 cash purchase, any item worth P10.00 may be given.
       MAGROW may also embrace USPD’s system in which they split up the coop into two different organizations. Like MAGROW, USPD is also a closed-type coop exclusive to sugarcane planters only but since the market of services and membership is limited, the USPD Savings and Credit Coop was created to extend its membership to all interested. If this system will be adapted by MAGROW, we may also be split into two organizations: Banana Growers and Associates members in whom the latter will eventually be regular members of the then new coop organization. The risk of this system is that when the associate’s organization will completely separate from the original coop. The original coop may be left behind by the associates; since the Grower’s share holdings as of present is less than half of the total Paid-up share capital compared to the Associates. Moreover, the number of associate members increases every month since the coop is recruiting associates from different sectors in the society. Compared to the associate members, our coop’s regular members have a dragging growth of share capital and savings deposits. Because it is exclusive to banana growers only, its membership also suffered a very slow increase and is more or less 13% of the total membership of MAGROW only.

       The Educational Tour is a great tool for the officers and staff to gather information, compare and adapt developmental trends in running the coop’s business. This knowledge will be used in the coop’s endeavor to strengthen its sustainability in the business competition and its advancement to ensure complete social responsibilities among its members and the society. All of these however will only be realized when both the officers and staff will develop full articulation of each of their responsibility in ascertaining that the mission, vision and objectives of the cooperative will be fulfilled. J


"mga gipang-gutom!"

"sarap ng chicken.. !"

This is where we're staying for the night.


Makasuka ug Nawong

Gwark! Gwark! Gwarkkkk!

I heard my IRF (Irate Fan) as she nauseated after seeing me grinning at her. That'd made me grab a mirror and take a look on my maked-up face.

Me: "Hmm makasuka akong nawong??" 

Mirror: "Medyo..."

Me: "Huh? Pagtarong bah, sure kah??"

Mirror: "Nagsuka man siya, so medyo.."

-So I ran towards Marj- my assistant- and ask her the same questions

but Marj just shrugged her shoulders and returned to her computer without bothering to look at me again.


I presumed-

because IRF seemed sickened when I'm around and she can't even look directly into my "beautiful" eyes- Sometimes I thought I have covered my lashes with too much colour. It was actually a near-to-expire eye lash colour that I'm still using.

hahaha! but I still think I'm cute lah! Don't bother to argue, you can't win it here.. This is my blog, remember?


12 January 2011

Some feelings

About three to four people threw nega(tive) comments on me- and only one (I thought) urged the other three to make side on him or (her!)

Haha! But these are all my personal presumptions, of course- unless somebody would read this blog and know what and who I am pointing out! But I know that only stupid persons who will happen to read this post would react violently because:

This is my personal blog site and I will post any thing that cross my mind...

Conclusively, people who dislike and HATE me so much that they FLAMED when they happened to hear what I said, read what I write and  meet me on the aisles! Haha! they can't even asked me questions directly - and I wonder why-


It's not me I guess. Not even my friends! So it's just like they are barking a tree with no eyes and no ears to hear their irritating growls. (But of course, I'm not that insensitive afterall because at times, I still manages to hear them and laugh at them for thinking so much about how they are going to irritate me)

Some people think I'm funny,some think I'm smart, James (RS) thinks I'm beautiful, (aherm!) and these people (I'm talking about) think I'm not perfect after all! Haha! Of course I'm not perfect! Who are perfect by the way?

Reply to these retards:

Me: "I am far better than you because I don't think too hardly about the failure of other people (including you!) and I dare to do things conventionally; Unlike you who talk destructively to me and to others but cry hard and pee on pants when get challenged in life!"

Retard leader: "Stop it girl or I'll cry!"

Me: "And you're peeing on your pants too! Whew, you stinks!"


So the conversation ended- Me as the smart, educated, intelligent being , (conceited but still honest! Tehehehehe...) who happens to be arguing with some stupid, dumb, pitbull-looking retards.


Anyways, enough for the blood pressuring topic!

Back to life! :)


11 January 2011

Camwhoring with Ding

I'm gonna share some pictures I've taken a few months ago modeled by my good and gay friend, Louie Jay. (Ding to me)
I'm not a professional photographer but I hope these pictures entertain you.

This is kinda dramatic with a black suit and a hat.. hmm fashion. And Ding's quiet a good model.
Can't prevent this pic from expanding.. bbrrr.. (but I still posted it anyways)

I LoVe this pic taken with the sunrise at the background.. (Nah, just don't mind the washed clothes hanged in the background, too.. jejejeje)

Taken beside the pool.. The pose was quiet nice. But I think Ding should wear a bathing suit rather)

This is the best pic I've taken so far.. I actually climbed a tall chair just to take the effects.

Not badly taken after all.. haha

Hmmm.. love this one, too.

10 January 2011


'QmzTahh Pow :)??' I texted my husband one time.

I didn't get a reply. Instead, he called me up and blurted , "Unsa to imong gitext sa akoa? Wala ko kasabot!"

"Oh, jejemon na oi, uso baya nah", I answered him giggling.

"Unsa nang jejemon?"

I thought of a reply- but I don't have the immediate answer.

So I googled. And loh! Jejemon is the fad nowadays especially to teenagers. It is the subverting of the English language to the point of incomprehensibility. Jejemon texts are somewhat codes that need to be deciphered.

"Eow powwhh, uzTahh..nohw gWaHH nEu?" Take this for example. If you can read this, you are a better person than the other who can't decode this. Me, of course I am a better person. I can comprehend a Jejemon.

But I was quite surprised to know that this lingo was spread worldwide complete with its own style from clothing fashion to gadgets and lifestyle. One had said that the use of jejemon was common in the lower economic class of the society though others asserted that it has nothing to do with the economic class since students from prestigious schools have also adapted its style.

I, myself is a jejemon. I can comprehend some, though not all jejemon texts. I found it interesting to see texts type with exaggerated phonemes like 'Eow' which literally means 'Hello'.
It is an 'Art of Words' for me and to other jejemons though others think that it endangers the 'elite' language which is English.

But here's my stand. Though jejemons may be widespread and are being used by most young people, I still consider that English and Filipino are the official languages in the Philippines which we should used. Think about this: I am from Davao and I speak Bisaya here as the vernacular dialect. But if I go to Manila, I will not be talking Bisaya since the Manilenos will not understand me so I will be using the Tagalog dialect. And when I go to America (How i wish), I should be using English because Americans may kick my ass if I'll talk to them in Bisaya. If we jejemons talk to each other, ofchurz, we will be using our own language because this is how we are significantly different from other groups. So are Gay with their gaylingo, indigenous with their native dialects, secret organizations with their secret codes.

And lor, try giving us exams in spelling English words. We jejemons may be better.


09 January 2011

Bahalag Uyab Mo, Basta Uyab Tah

Na-shock ko ani nga picture nga ako n-grab sa usa ka post sa Facebook. 'Bahalag uyab mo basta uyab ta'

Funny at first look. Irony when read twice.
But as you ponder through the words and understand the image's concept, you will think it as REALITY.
Nganong dili nga sa 'usapang kalye'- uso na ni ron. Kanang naa na'y uyab, taz manguyab pa jud ug ikaduha. Maayo lang ug isa, usahay ang uban duha o tulo pa.
As one girl I knew has said, 'Collect and select!'
Cool. Pero maayo lang ug uyab pa, pero unsaon na lang kung minyo nah- unya maguyab pa jud. Gubot pa sa lukot ang resulta.
I know a woman with this kind of situation. She's from a middle class family, married with three children. Her husband was a seafarer and came home only once a year. Tungod guro sa kamingaw mao nga si kumpare usahay moduaw. (LOL!)
A friend of mine who separated ways from her husband because he went with another man was also been caught flinging with another and another and still going steady with his second man. What was she looking in a man, lah! Is sex felt differently with different men?
How about the MORALE?
'Duh! Uso man, daghan bitaw- dili na nah matagad!'
HUH? Ana na jud ta ka-freak sa atoang moralidad? Ingon ani na ta ka-abusado sa atoang physical, moral ug spiritual nga condition?

I Hate Fake People

That's what my HTML shouts at the right side of this page!

But of course that's what I felt to people who seems nice to you when in front of other people but bites you up at the back when you're left alone with them.

I have known a lot of people who were like this. (I sometimes did too when I'm struck with insensitivity) but I have a can't-be-forgotten incident with a girl whom i considered the worst person I have met last 2010. Oh, before I go to talking about the issue with this girl, let me tell you about myself first. I'm an outgoing person, easy to be with and with an extra sense of humor. I am used to be seen laughing out loud with my fellow employees - my age or older. I did get stricter sometimes but most of the time, I just kid around laughing wildly with people. But here's the significance, since I used to be getting along with almost all people, I also did get to know issues from them- personally or work related.

Now here's the story.
This girl (who was actually a former 'friend') have raised an issue involving me. It was told that she was threatened by an unknown texter and presumed that that the threats were coming from 'my' guy friend. Since the 'guy' was my friend, she alleged me to be the one telling the guy confidential issues about her. But of course it was never confirmed- but she kept on suspecting me to be divulging informations to the guy who have sent her threats.

I explain my side- told her It never came into my mind to be involved with such issue. I don't contain myself to gratuitous things and don't even have connection to the person he's been suspecting of. But she kept on asserting that it was me who divulge things to his texter.

So I kept quiet and isolate myself from her.
My point was that I don't want to be kept on being involved with unsolved cases I have no relevance of. But she kept on intimidating me-

But no, not in front of other people.

When we're around others, she managed to talk nicely. But when I went away, she would be talking foolish things about me. Worst was that she sent me dissuading texts that often impulsed me to get annoyed- but I kept my cool.

Not until one day, I really went uncontrolled that I demanded her to clarify things that caused her to freaked out on me. But she didn't. Instead, she burst into tears in front of other people while I faced her stormy-looking and in the state of warfare. Lah, she managed to make other people think I was the villain.

Poor me! It took me some time to make others realized they were wrong in their first impression on me during my confrontation with the girl.

See. I hate fake people.

at Beach View Resort

Christmas Party, December 11, 2010 at Beach View Resort, Pindasan, Mabini

Actually gibiyaan mi ani sa uban kay nag-una-una sila ug panguli. Psing tirada gihapon maski nangabilin.
This is Ate Norma entertaining us in our way home from Pindasan. Banat ate Norms!

Hiringa lang ang mga outfit. Necktie party man gud ni mao nga nakanecktie tanan.

Walay nahimo kay wala pay bus niabot.. picture2 lang sa.

Mao ni ang mga guwapa sa MAGROW. Apil ko siyempre! (Ako ning blog noh!hmft)

I love this pic! Nice kaau ang katawa ni Ms. Sheryl. hehe.

And these, too. (Pula ang panty ni Rye2?) That's Elvie we're pushing up.


These are pictures taken during the party presentations
The pride of MTC. The sexy girls on their short shorts.. witwew! Marel managed to smile at the cam. hehe Cool!

The Head Office group. We won 2nd. jeez. That's Bossing next to me (I'm 4th from left), he's not singing at all. He's just giggling. (hmft)

Girl in Red and White suits- from the Savings and Credit Section. They won 1st lah.. hmm

and the funny guys..

This is Randee (Rye).. look at his belly hairs! hahaha... the bra he's wearing is that of Erwina. swear!

That's me wearing spectacles! (What's funny?)

This is our GM Sir Lando. That's Sir Peding (yellow shirt) next to him.

This is Dondon. Cant wear his teeth when smiling.. haha. actually he got no teeth at all. LOL

The LP boys- look at Levi's nipples- they're coming out of his bra.. LOL! so so funny..
They won 1st prize too.
(But of course, I didn't think they should win. Their presentation has no significance to the theme- but well anyway, we were entertained, so its kinda special prize to them) LOL

Another pic of Levi- quite girly with his lipstick on..