10 January 2011


'QmzTahh Pow :)??' I texted my husband one time.

I didn't get a reply. Instead, he called me up and blurted , "Unsa to imong gitext sa akoa? Wala ko kasabot!"

"Oh, jejemon na oi, uso baya nah", I answered him giggling.

"Unsa nang jejemon?"

I thought of a reply- but I don't have the immediate answer.

So I googled. And loh! Jejemon is the fad nowadays especially to teenagers. It is the subverting of the English language to the point of incomprehensibility. Jejemon texts are somewhat codes that need to be deciphered.

"Eow powwhh, uzTahh..nohw gWaHH nEu?" Take this for example. If you can read this, you are a better person than the other who can't decode this. Me, of course I am a better person. I can comprehend a Jejemon.

But I was quite surprised to know that this lingo was spread worldwide complete with its own style from clothing fashion to gadgets and lifestyle. One had said that the use of jejemon was common in the lower economic class of the society though others asserted that it has nothing to do with the economic class since students from prestigious schools have also adapted its style.

I, myself is a jejemon. I can comprehend some, though not all jejemon texts. I found it interesting to see texts type with exaggerated phonemes like 'Eow' which literally means 'Hello'.
It is an 'Art of Words' for me and to other jejemons though others think that it endangers the 'elite' language which is English.

But here's my stand. Though jejemons may be widespread and are being used by most young people, I still consider that English and Filipino are the official languages in the Philippines which we should used. Think about this: I am from Davao and I speak Bisaya here as the vernacular dialect. But if I go to Manila, I will not be talking Bisaya since the Manilenos will not understand me so I will be using the Tagalog dialect. And when I go to America (How i wish), I should be using English because Americans may kick my ass if I'll talk to them in Bisaya. If we jejemons talk to each other, ofchurz, we will be using our own language because this is how we are significantly different from other groups. So are Gay with their gaylingo, indigenous with their native dialects, secret organizations with their secret codes.

And lor, try giving us exams in spelling English words. We jejemons may be better.


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