11 January 2011

Camwhoring with Ding

I'm gonna share some pictures I've taken a few months ago modeled by my good and gay friend, Louie Jay. (Ding to me)
I'm not a professional photographer but I hope these pictures entertain you.

This is kinda dramatic with a black suit and a hat.. hmm fashion. And Ding's quiet a good model.
Can't prevent this pic from expanding.. bbrrr.. (but I still posted it anyways)

I LoVe this pic taken with the sunrise at the background.. (Nah, just don't mind the washed clothes hanged in the background, too.. jejejeje)

Taken beside the pool.. The pose was quiet nice. But I think Ding should wear a bathing suit rather)

This is the best pic I've taken so far.. I actually climbed a tall chair just to take the effects.

Not badly taken after all.. haha

Hmmm.. love this one, too.

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