09 December 2009

I am Sad Because...

I cant sleep..

a lump is stucked in my throat

I have my eyes in deep set with very big eyeballs

I feel like crying because...


not even a single cent!!!!! ( this is supposed to be an exaggeration, becoz ofkurz i have, its just that i only have P20.00 left in my wallet)

i can no longer access any credit lines.. they're already full (of my account????)

So sad..


Nah! That probably hurts!

I'll choke myself?? This is quite hard... I have quite two small hands and a gettin-like-fat neck...

I'll hang myself?? Eh... the ceiling is too far for me to reach that up!


Probably I'll get some fuckin fast trucks bump me while i'll cross the street??? Eiiiww... that doesnt feel nice seeing my dead body flattened..or worst, have it chopped into pieces!

AHHH.. maybe I'll drink some 24D or 1 galloon Round up.. that would sure make me sleep till death.. Argh! But I'll make my mouth bubbles some grass-smelling gas!


I better stop thinking death threats to myself!

Gotta be off for some fresh air outside! I may pick up some thrown tin cans off the road... have it sold and .... BING! MONEY!!!!

Laag sa Havens Peak

Usa ka gabii, nagsabot ang mga magbarkada:

Ai: Kanindot tan-awon sa bukid, nagsidlak-sidlak ang mga suga.

Arnold: Mga mata nah ..nga naniga..

Joy: Hilum oy, flashlight nah! Daghan nanulo dinhang bukira nah...

Lanie: (Dala tindog) Pagchur! Santilmo kaya nah... Taw-an baya na dinha!

Arnold: Mata lageh nah!

Joy: Flashlight lageh!!!

Lanie: Santilmo lageh bah!!

Ai: Hmmmm... adtuon kaya natoh para ato jud mahibal-an kung unsay naa diha??

Arnold, Joy, Lanie: Sige! Sige! Tara!

Busa nagkasabot ang managhigala nga moadto sa bukid para sutaon kung unsa ba jud ang naa didto..Uban usab nila ang single nga si Elvie, sexy nga si Merly ug palahubog nga si Juramie..

Unya pag abot sa bukid:

Ang tanan: Havens Peak man diay ni! Pa-picture tah!

Busa nagpicture-picture sila:



Just as the splendor sun did lit
Wide across the mountain range
The long light kiss'd the contoured face
Of you my special oneth.

Angels sing and hailed my soul
When I saw you walking hath thy door
The heavens grinned and touched my hand
To let me feel that you are mine.

Mist and tears hath flowed my cheeks
When i was left with glacier knees
You've come my saviour, lit thy path
Embrace my soul, perfumed my heart.

Enfolding fears came molten rock
And you have fought such wildered wrath
The fringed chamber have I surpassed
Because of you my mystic love.

Silently unveil such fragile world
And capture it with glorious hold
Pigment my life with unspeakable passion
And fight the robes with hideous rejection.