09 January 2011

at Beach View Resort

Christmas Party, December 11, 2010 at Beach View Resort, Pindasan, Mabini

Actually gibiyaan mi ani sa uban kay nag-una-una sila ug panguli. Psing tirada gihapon maski nangabilin.
This is Ate Norma entertaining us in our way home from Pindasan. Banat ate Norms!

Hiringa lang ang mga outfit. Necktie party man gud ni mao nga nakanecktie tanan.

Walay nahimo kay wala pay bus niabot.. picture2 lang sa.

Mao ni ang mga guwapa sa MAGROW. Apil ko siyempre! (Ako ning blog noh!hmft)

I love this pic! Nice kaau ang katawa ni Ms. Sheryl. hehe.

And these, too. (Pula ang panty ni Rye2?) That's Elvie we're pushing up.


These are pictures taken during the party presentations
The pride of MTC. The sexy girls on their short shorts.. witwew! Marel managed to smile at the cam. hehe Cool!

The Head Office group. We won 2nd. jeez. That's Bossing next to me (I'm 4th from left), he's not singing at all. He's just giggling. (hmft)

Girl in Red and White suits- from the Savings and Credit Section. They won 1st lah.. hmm

and the funny guys..

This is Randee (Rye).. look at his belly hairs! hahaha... the bra he's wearing is that of Erwina. swear!

That's me wearing spectacles! (What's funny?)

This is our GM Sir Lando. That's Sir Peding (yellow shirt) next to him.

This is Dondon. Cant wear his teeth when smiling.. haha. actually he got no teeth at all. LOL

The LP boys- look at Levi's nipples- they're coming out of his bra.. LOL! so so funny..
They won 1st prize too.
(But of course, I didn't think they should win. Their presentation has no significance to the theme- but well anyway, we were entertained, so its kinda special prize to them) LOL

Another pic of Levi- quite girly with his lipstick on..

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