09 January 2011

I Hate Fake People

That's what my HTML shouts at the right side of this page!

But of course that's what I felt to people who seems nice to you when in front of other people but bites you up at the back when you're left alone with them.

I have known a lot of people who were like this. (I sometimes did too when I'm struck with insensitivity) but I have a can't-be-forgotten incident with a girl whom i considered the worst person I have met last 2010. Oh, before I go to talking about the issue with this girl, let me tell you about myself first. I'm an outgoing person, easy to be with and with an extra sense of humor. I am used to be seen laughing out loud with my fellow employees - my age or older. I did get stricter sometimes but most of the time, I just kid around laughing wildly with people. But here's the significance, since I used to be getting along with almost all people, I also did get to know issues from them- personally or work related.

Now here's the story.
This girl (who was actually a former 'friend') have raised an issue involving me. It was told that she was threatened by an unknown texter and presumed that that the threats were coming from 'my' guy friend. Since the 'guy' was my friend, she alleged me to be the one telling the guy confidential issues about her. But of course it was never confirmed- but she kept on suspecting me to be divulging informations to the guy who have sent her threats.

I explain my side- told her It never came into my mind to be involved with such issue. I don't contain myself to gratuitous things and don't even have connection to the person he's been suspecting of. But she kept on asserting that it was me who divulge things to his texter.

So I kept quiet and isolate myself from her.
My point was that I don't want to be kept on being involved with unsolved cases I have no relevance of. But she kept on intimidating me-

But no, not in front of other people.

When we're around others, she managed to talk nicely. But when I went away, she would be talking foolish things about me. Worst was that she sent me dissuading texts that often impulsed me to get annoyed- but I kept my cool.

Not until one day, I really went uncontrolled that I demanded her to clarify things that caused her to freaked out on me. But she didn't. Instead, she burst into tears in front of other people while I faced her stormy-looking and in the state of warfare. Lah, she managed to make other people think I was the villain.

Poor me! It took me some time to make others realized they were wrong in their first impression on me during my confrontation with the girl.

See. I hate fake people.

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