12 January 2011

Some feelings

About three to four people threw nega(tive) comments on me- and only one (I thought) urged the other three to make side on him or (her!)

Haha! But these are all my personal presumptions, of course- unless somebody would read this blog and know what and who I am pointing out! But I know that only stupid persons who will happen to read this post would react violently because:

This is my personal blog site and I will post any thing that cross my mind...

Conclusively, people who dislike and HATE me so much that they FLAMED when they happened to hear what I said, read what I write and  meet me on the aisles! Haha! they can't even asked me questions directly - and I wonder why-


It's not me I guess. Not even my friends! So it's just like they are barking a tree with no eyes and no ears to hear their irritating growls. (But of course, I'm not that insensitive afterall because at times, I still manages to hear them and laugh at them for thinking so much about how they are going to irritate me)

Some people think I'm funny,some think I'm smart, James (RS) thinks I'm beautiful, (aherm!) and these people (I'm talking about) think I'm not perfect after all! Haha! Of course I'm not perfect! Who are perfect by the way?

Reply to these retards:

Me: "I am far better than you because I don't think too hardly about the failure of other people (including you!) and I dare to do things conventionally; Unlike you who talk destructively to me and to others but cry hard and pee on pants when get challenged in life!"

Retard leader: "Stop it girl or I'll cry!"

Me: "And you're peeing on your pants too! Whew, you stinks!"


So the conversation ended- Me as the smart, educated, intelligent being , (conceited but still honest! Tehehehehe...) who happens to be arguing with some stupid, dumb, pitbull-looking retards.


Anyways, enough for the blood pressuring topic!

Back to life! :)


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