13 January 2011

Makasuka ug Nawong

Gwark! Gwark! Gwarkkkk!

I heard my IRF (Irate Fan) as she nauseated after seeing me grinning at her. That'd made me grab a mirror and take a look on my maked-up face.

Me: "Hmm makasuka akong nawong??" 

Mirror: "Medyo..."

Me: "Huh? Pagtarong bah, sure kah??"

Mirror: "Nagsuka man siya, so medyo.."

-So I ran towards Marj- my assistant- and ask her the same questions

but Marj just shrugged her shoulders and returned to her computer without bothering to look at me again.


I presumed-

because IRF seemed sickened when I'm around and she can't even look directly into my "beautiful" eyes- Sometimes I thought I have covered my lashes with too much colour. It was actually a near-to-expire eye lash colour that I'm still using.

hahaha! but I still think I'm cute lah! Don't bother to argue, you can't win it here.. This is my blog, remember?


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