17 January 2011

Kaon na Sab!

OK. I admit I always pretend I DON'T know how to cook . Hmm, I know some dishes but I'm always struck by laziness so . (Especially when James is around)

It's James who loves cooking especially his favorite menus like sinigang of any kinds, and any vegggie dish with lots of leafies (like saluyot, malunggay, kangkong).

But he's sometimes don't like cooking breakfast, too. So at times when he's at home (he works at Surigao and comes home on weekends) , we just afford ourselves with a cup of coffee.

Just like last Sunday.

Nagmantinir ra mi ug biscuit ug gatas (sosyal!). Pass sah sa kape kay naa man gatas.. (muahahahaha)


Sarap pa rin sa biscuit nga ituslo.. tehehehe

During lunch, we went out and ate in a MgDo Resto (street slang for Mcdo) which means Magkaon Magduko-duko. Hahahaha.. (laughing at my own jokes hmft)  My worms weren't glad at all kc siyempre tipid

Anyways, during siesta ; James engrossed himself in a bowlful of unripe mangoes dipped in a mix of vinegar, bagoong and crushed chilli peppers. So HOT!


I didn't share Jame's preferred sauce-- thought it's gonna burn my whole mouth! GwarQ!
So I made mine.

Hmm.. Three spoonfuls of soy sauce and three spoonfuls of brown sugar -


My Sweetened Soy Sauce!

I laughed out loud!

I did make James postponed his travel back to Surigao on Sunday.

In return, I paid his dinner!

We ate at DOOKIES . A new flame and grill hauz located near PETRON Refilling Station (of Bariarcal's).

We've waited for almost an hour before dinner was served. Perte nang gutoma pero agwanta gihapon mi.

TSADAH! Lechon manok...

 Firm but soft and tasted good.



The first ever chopsuey I love. The veggies were cooked firmly mixed in a flavorful soup and sprinkled by bits of chicken meat. James was looking for mushrooms- sadly he couldn't find a bit because- in the first place there was no mushroom added. (Teheheheh)

 But over all, the veggie dish still tasted wonderful!

Third dish was- of course - my favorite-

Beef Hinalang..

Chopped beef and pechay leaves flavored by ginger and bell pepper.
Ayan, hurot nah!

I've eaten with too much gusto that my stomach looked like its bigger than my boobs.. James laughed hard at 'them'!


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