15 January 2011

Balik Tan-Aw

I'm bored.

James is busy watching "Imbestigador" in GMA Channel and I don't understand a thing. Topics were all about killings and drug addictions and related crimes which 'bores me to death'. I prefer cartoons, dude!

I browsed some old pictures saved in my lappy.


THAT's me in white sitting on the bench, Arnold in orange shirt, Elvs the smaller one and Teh Denden

We, laughing hard on Arnold's jokes..

That's Joy beside me

Busy.. that's Jun over there with his nestlike hair.. hahaha

Jen and ateh Wilms cutting gift covers.. See ateh wilms hair.. What colour?? tehehehe

jeez i still have short hair here..
 Actually these were taken some years ago when these people (and me) were assigned to prepare give aways for a particular coop activity..

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