11 March 2011

ALert! Tsunami may hit Philippines

ALert! Tsunami may hit Philippines due to Earthquake just happened fews hours in Japan at 8.9 magnitude.

Alert level 2 to Leyte, Davao Oriental Occidental, Quezon province, Albay, Cagayan, Surigao and all coastal areas.

So I have been trying to contact James. He's currently working in Surigao kacee so I'm checking up on him.

They had been alerted and had already packed up things so just in case (God forbid), they can easily evacuate.

We just hope and pray that nothing bad will happen.


Anyways, I have been to Davao City these past two days with my co-staffs.

Not for fun oi

but to purchase items for the upcoming GA for our org's general members.

But of course, we did have fun along the very-tiring-activity we have.

I managed to camwhore them through thicks and thins. Heeh.

This is supposed to be a stolen shot but Cris managed to smile at the camera.. Heeh.
Look at Elvon staring at the Barongs displayed nearby..(Guess he's planning to buy one of those-heeh)
Sally here busy checking the OR's while Elvie and Ryan looked.

Inside the van.. No space for us to sit on. Wew
Happy Ryan
Heeh-- Elvie here-bored to death while we waited for the van to pick us up
Sally on her read Macau shirt seemed asleep-heeh-

Signal on Stop along Monteverde street
Sally loved to smile on my cam..
Jeez, Elvon here fitting on a 'supporter'-

I still have many pics not uploaded. Hmft.

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