25 April 2011

MAGROW Scholarship Grant

WHAT: MAGROW Scholarship Grant

Date of Examination: May 7, 2011 , 1:00 pm

Place of Exam: 2nd Floor, MAGROW Main Bldg

Benefits: 100% coverage of tuition and miscellaneous fees plus a chance to attend supplemental formation and training activities of the cooperative

·     An incoming first year student in:

§  Bukidnon State University

§  Maragusan Technological School

§  Informatic Technical School
·     Annual family income not exceeding P 80,000.00 per annum

·     Non-concurrently a recipient of any major scholarship or financial aid

·     Good Moral Character

a. One (1) Scholar for BSU
b. Two (2) Scholars for MTC
c. Two (2) scholars for Informatic

a.    Certified true copy of Birth Certificate
b.    Form 137 or Card during fourth year in High School
c.     Latest Income Tax Return of the family
d.    Certificate of Enrolment or Registration
e.    Certificate of Good Moral Character
For inquiries, please visit Ms. Sarco at 2nd Floor, Main Bldg., MAGROW, Rizal St., Maragusan

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