11 February 2011

Upcoming Valentines Day!

...and hopefully James will be here

He's planning to resign from his present work and start a business here-

(maybe on the first week of March this year)

I'm experiencing bad stomach every now and then- it's like gas has build-up in my digestive system causing it to get stiff and very painful when I moved.

This time, I think-really-; I need to see a doctor to check up on my health condition. I have been into unhealthy symptoms after I gave birth but I was never been checked-up by a physician. Oh, I have been admitted to the hospital a year ago- but that was for another ailment. In fact, James has brought me to the hospital that time when I was not able to refuse.

Honestly, I still have this trauma with doctors and hospitals. You see, I have been into distressing experience when I gave birth to my first baby prematurely in December 2007. Unfortunately, my baby has not survived and has only lived for two days. That was the saddest December I ever had! Others may have enjoyed celebrating Christmas while James and I with our family were in grief upon the loss of my son.

I never conceive again after my first baby.

Anyway, enough for my sad story.

Back to the celebration of Happy Hearts!

Hmmm, I'm thinking on where will James and I be having a date!

Ok. Sa bahay na lang.




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