17 February 2011

Tiring Day

I got home few minutes before 9PM which was quite late since I usually come home from work before 6PM. It was because the meeting with the bosses (BODs) has started by quarter to 3:00 this PM by which normal schedule was actually at 1PM.

Blame it to these business offers from outside "friends" who stole almost 2 hours of our reporting time.
*rolling eyes*

The meeting was actually a deliberation of our monthly reports to the Board of Directors which was also quite apprehensive since the bosses do not fail to criticize every time.

BTW, all went well except for some issues on several businesses which - unfortunately- grilled one or two managers during a heated discussion which was a result from a not-so-good presentation of reports.

I'm just lucky, they were already tired for the several presentations before mine that they don't lengthened inquiries from my reports. *BIG grin*

They don't even questioned me for my 5 slides Powerpoint presentation which was less than the average 10 slides of other reporters. *wink*

Ssshh. That's my secret actually. Less presentation, less questions. Lol!

Ok, here is one cute picture I love the most- I have this as my "unchangeable" profile picture in all my network sites. *one raised brow*

You don't find this cute lah?


It's okay.

Me neither.

I'm just trying to be narcissist.

*BIGGEST grin*

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