01 February 2011


The feeling was heavy. So intense that
I felt like crying. But tears denied
to flow down. maybe tired since I’ve
bee rocking myself to comfort nights
before tonight.

Yes, emptiness and defeat have
occurred to me like an amazon’s
bullet. So hard it hit me to imperfect

I’ve been reading tales desperate to
meet my own knighted-prince. Yes. i
did. That his armory of words have
caressed my heart like a stained-
glass. So trustful-that I was blown
away by the fidgeted storm unable to
see what a vivacious and deceitful
cloud it was.

I wanted to blow just as my nerves
weakened. Myheart aches trying to
reach the warm words from your sweet
tongue. But none to me occurred.
Nothing but cold had made me shiver
all spine.
Was it over? Were the promises gone
and melted down like a molten lava?
hardened and left dry?
So desperate was I.
Thinking. Things I never had.
How deceiving youe were to my unbraced
I have clung on you. Trust the scepter
out of me. have heard your melodious
whisper and uncanny laughter that i
disperse my soul.
And like a magical trick- it
You. so far. unreachable. That I doubt
myself if it were you I’ve been seeing
a while ago.
Maybe the destiny speaks it out. And
how i wanted to curse it for knocking
me to grief.
My breath tightened…
At the thought of you.

March 2nd, 2007 by streetlane-nightwalker

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