10 February 2011

Bc-bchan lang

Not that busy, so its kinda busy-busyhan lang!


Actually, Ateh denz and I are doing some practical arts this afternoon.

She's been preparing for some decorations to be used during the launching of the New Savings Products of Ms. She's department.

She has opened up that the budget was quiet limited because half of the allocation goes to the food and the other 40% goes to the gifts and rewards; leaving smaller amount for the decorations and the hall preparation.

Since the activity are mostly for the kids and young people, I suggested the idea that we make paper flowers instead of buying fresh ones. She agreed so we made paper roses out of the recycled cartolinas.

Sally also did some help and laughed with glee to her created flowers to which I made jokes about. But she did make better than mine. Haha!

Ate Norms also made an origami of a bird

which made me crack a joke that she, Ate Den and I will be creating a group to contract decorations during wedding occassions, birthdays, programs and especially for the wake of the dead.

Anyway, we ended up having Ate Wilms unintentionally damage one paper flower! Ate wilms jud bah...

She's getting excited kasi to her upcoming birthday which also fall on February 14 a.ka. Valentines Day! Guess who will be his date?


Okay- so I will be posting pictures soon on how to make paper flowers -ATE DEN and MY STYLE


the origami bird of Ate Norms.

Hopefully I can post pics tommorow

so you pray.



An earthquake has occurred in Maragusan at 10:50 pm (my clock) this evening.


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